Your Journey - My Approach


Person-Centered Therapy

You'll benefit from holistic and diverse approaches aimed to provide the right support at the right time for you, the client. I work with your physical, psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. We work together in a compassionate, and non-judgmental approach.


CBT Counselling & Your Mental Health

I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) interventions, narrative based approaches and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT). These skills allow a lot of flexibility for clients hoping for a more direct hands-on approach to anxiety and stress, depression, addiction, emotional regulation and life transitions.


Nature-based Practices

Ecotherapy or Nature-based Therapy, is in part the belief that people are part of the web of life and that our psyches are not isolated or separate from our environment. Ecopsychology is informed by systems theory and provides individuals with an opportunity to explore their relationship with the natural world—an area that may be overlooked in many other types of psychotherapy.


About Me

Hailing from Canada's West Coast, being a counsellor is a culmination of my own personal and professional journey. My experiences thus far have left me humbled and filled with gratitude to be part of the counselling process for my clients in Scotland and all around the United Kingdom who are in need of mental health support during life's inevitable difficulties and transitions. I am honoured to build trust so you can move forward.


Areas of Practice

Mindful, Compassionate and Narrative-Based

How often are we swept away by memories of the past and worries of the future, unable to connect with the present moment? Foundational in my practice is the idea of being mindful, to bring presence to our inner and outer experiencing. Mindfulness can be a guiding force in connecting ourselves to reality, ourselves, and our needs.

Narrative Therapy can be viewed as simply as:

What stories are we telling ourselves? What are we leaving out?

Most importantly, what is your experience? 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is proven to help people note and understand that thoughts are just that - thoughts. Not reality.

When our thoughts manifest into feelings, they then become a reality based on a thought. The more we give credence to thoughts, the more they affect our reality. By bringing more awareness to this cyclical process, we can work to change thoughts to bring about different feelings. Thinking traps can happen to everyone, whether we are thinking about the worst possible situations, reading the minds of others or making everything about ourselves. CBT is effective for navigating life's challenges, including anxiety and depression, as it helps us rethink our way of seeing and understanding the world and try a new path.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Consider DBT a way to structure your new understanding of yourself and the world. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy or DBT takes what mindfulness, narrative and CBT have built and provides structure through exploration when it comes to how we interact with the world, ourselves and others. Core components include interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance designed to assist in managing behaviours, emotions and thoughts. These become a practical toolbox for a balanced life.

If you feel this is the approach for you, or you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch.